Maciej Dunin-Borkowski – guitars
Musical Inspirations:
- Opeth, Dream Theater, Metallica, Symphony X, Porcupine Tree, Nobuo Uematsu, Mord'A'Stigmata

- guitar: hand-made copy of PRS Custom 24
- multi-effect: Avid Eleven Rack
- controller: Behringer FCB1010
- cabinet: Laboga 212SV + 2x50W power amplifiers

Other projects:
- Ursus Arctos Violin (2018 - ) - HellHaven (2012 - 2013)
- The Fallen Icon (2009 - 2010)

Other hobbies:
- cooking, movies, sound design

Edyta Szkołut – vocals
Musical Inspirations:
-Agnete Kiolsrud, In This Moment, Mord’A’Stigmata, Eths, Otep, Blackbriar

- mic: TC Helicon MP-75,
- TC Helicon Play Acoustic Live

Other projects:
- Pozytywka (2015 - )

Other hobbies:
- design, drawing, piercing

Grzegorz Janiga – bass
Musical Inspirations:
- Megadeth, Decapitated, Morbid Angel, Tool, RATM, RHCP, Jamiroquai

- bass guitar: Mayones Be 5 exotic, Yamaha BB-415 OM
- preamp: Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver D.I.

Other projects:
- The Fallen Icon (2008 – 2010)

Other hobbies:
- fantasy fiction, movies, sports (swimming), electrionics

Marta Rychlik-Stanula – violin
Graduate of Cracow Music Academy

Musical Inspirations:
- classical music, Jamiroquai, Dirty Loops

- violin, german manufacture (1897), Gasparo da Salo copy
- electric violin Yamaha SV-120

Other projects:
- Sinfonietta Cracovia
- Tarnowska Orkiestra Kameralna
- Krakowska Opera Kameralna
- kwartet smyczkowy Cztery Czwarte
- performances on many contemporary, jazz and film music festivals

Other hobbies:
- traveling, photography, sports


Nonamen was formed in October 2010. After the brake-up of his previous band (The Fallen Icon), Maciej Dunin-Borkowski was looking for new musicians to compose with and play with. He began his search with a drummer, Łukasz Lach, with whom he played in The Fallen Icon. Common interests in gothic metal led to Anna Charczuk becoming the vocalist. At the same time, the band was joined by Andrzej Łysek, a bass player who completed the basic lineup. (Un)fortunately, this did not last long - after a month, in Noverber, Łukasz left the band, gravitating to a lighter, typically rock music climate. All the time, the seat of the drummer was empty, but Nonamen kept on composing and looking for new musicians.


The hard situation of the band changed for better when between February and March 2011, Grzesiek Kozikowski joined the line-up, perfectly fitting into the nonstandard style of Nonamen and allowing the band to spread its wings. Having finished some material off, the band presented it to the world. In October 2011 Nonamen played first two concerts. When everything seemed to go well - the November weather brought in some new problems. Andrzej, our bass player, decided to dedicate himself fully to his other band Oversaturate and left Nonamen. Again, we started looking for a band member - this time for a bass player. Maciek and Grzesiek wanted him or her to be able to support the lead vocals with growl. When some candidates for both functions have been auditioned, Anna decided to leave Nonamen because of incongruence of her artistic vision with the plans of other members. Having learned about the situation, the potential new vocalist decided not to join Nonamen. This way, at that time the band consisted only of two members: Maciek and Grzesiek. The year ended in further search, more and more desperate - also, an idea to look for a new, nonstandard instrument surfaced.


Having received (surprisingly) loads of answers for the announcement that Nonamen was looking for new vocals, Maciek and Grzesiek started auditions in January. Meanwhile, Nonamen was joined by Agnieszka Reiner, who rendered the band's music truly unique. After the auditions Edyta Szkołut became the new voice of Nonamen - and this woke the band up from slumber. Also, in January Grzegorz Janiga (a former player of The Fallen Icon) joined the band. Nonamen began strenuous work on new version of the existing material, what led to the release of EP "Permission" (released from band's funds). In October the first official video of Nonamen was shot to the "Black Mountains" track (from the "Permission" CD).


In 2013 Nonamen entered into cooperation with Iron Realm Productions agency, and it supported such bands as Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden), Jelonek, Kat & R. Kostrzewski, Siddharta or Gods Tower. All in all, we’ve played twenty gigs, mainly in the southern Poland.


In 2014 the band played a number of shows and shared the stage with Blaze Bayley (as his Polish tour support), Paul Di'Anno and Turbo. In May Nonamen entered the studio to record their second CD (and their first longplay) "Obsession". The video for one of the songs, Sleepingfall, was premiered in October. The CD was released on the 9th November, during a show in which Nonamen supported the legendary voice of Nightwish, Tarja Turunen.


After four years of playing together, drummer Grzesiek Kozikowski decided to leave the band at the end of April. In June Bartek Janczarski joined the band.


The New Year has just begun and our violin player Agnieszka Reiner decided to dedicate her full attention to her family and leave the band. Violinist Marta Rychlik , who used to play with us live during 2015, joined the band. The band makes their acoustic debut, going on a minitour with Antimatter. Nonamen also peforms at the famous Castle Party Festival.


In the history of the band, this year is marked with stagnation. Nonamen focuses on creating new material, giving up entirely on playing shows. In October, the band parts ways with the drummer Bartek Janczarski.


Struggling to find a suitable drummer, Nonamen gives up on searching. In the autumn, the band starts recording their third record, "Interior's Weather", which comes out in December. The release of this concept album is preceded by music videos for "The Eye of The Storm" and "The Fog". With 2019 just around the corner, Nonamen hopes for a complete lineup and getting back on stage.


Despite what previously imagined, Nonamen decided to not going back to playing live until futher notice. Video for "The Silence After" was premiered in January.

Łukasz Lach - drums & percussion (2010)
Anna Charczuk - vocal (2010-2011)
Andrzej Łysek - bass (2010-2011)
Grzesiek Kozikowski - drums & percussion (2011-2015)
Agnieszka Reiner - violin (2012-2015)
Bartek Janczarski - drums & percussion (2015-2017)